Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie: This adorable spherical robot is back with a twist. Not only does it roam your home autonomously, but it also features a built-in projector.

Samsung Ballie Robot Review
Design Evolution: The 2024 Ballie has undergone a transformation. Gone is the fully spherical ball droid; instead, it now resembles a sphere mounted on three wheels, akin to a robot vacuum. While it lost some of its original cuteness, this design change allows for practical enhancements.
Size and Portability: The Ballie has grown from softball-sized to bowling ball-sized. This larger form factor accommodates a more substantial battery and additional features.
1080p Projector: The standout feature is the built-in 1080p projector. Imagine Ballie rolling around your home, projecting video calls, workout routines, or entertainment onto walls or ceilings. It’s a novel way to interact with your environment.
Camera and Stereo Vision: Ballie’s front visor houses two cameras flanking the projector. These provide stereo vision, allowing the robot to track movement and capture images effectively.
Mystery Sensors: Besides the cameras, there are other sensor windows on Ballie’s front. These could be related to robot navigation, such as time-of-flight sensors. The back likely features a speaker.
Autonomous Navigation: Like a robot vacuum, Ballie moves autonomously. It can follow you around, monitor your home, and interact with other smart devices.
Projector Quality: The 1080p projector delivers decent image quality. However, Samsung’s depiction of a projector in promotional material might need some artistic license correction!
Smart Home Integration: Ballie acts as an interactive hub, managing other smart home devices connected to SmartThings. It displays information from devices even if they lack dedicated screens.
Unique Experience: Ballie’s value lies in its novelty. It’s not just a gadget; it’s a companion that adds a touch of futuristic charm to your home.
Potential Applications: Whether it’s projecting recipes onto your kitchen counter, displaying reminders, or entertaining kids, Ballie’s versatility makes it intriguing.
Price Consideration: While no official price has been announced, the value proposition will depend on the final cost. If priced reasonably, it could find a niche among tech enthusiasts and early adopters.
The Samsung Ballie isn’t just a rolling robot; it’s a glimpse into a connected future. As it hits the market, we’ll see how well it integrates into daily life. If you’re ready for a quirky yet functional addition to your smart home, keep an eye out for Ballie! 🤖🏠

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